Horse riding is an extremely popular pastime. Riding can be tremendous fun, but the rider needs to know what they’re doing, both for their own sake and that of their mount.
You can enjoy fun and exciting canters through our SVIS horse riding. All rides are personally inspected by our staff to ensure that only the best quality horses and experiences are offered.

Karate , translates to " empty hand "and implies weaponless self - defence .It develops the mind and strengthens the body and teaches us to concentrate on spiritual values instead of monetary pleasure or material possession.

The essence of karate are katas (forms). They consist of a series of coordinated harmonious movements which are made in a fixed order and according to a specified rhythm. Each kata has its own characteristic features. They should be stressed by an individual who trains karate.

Kumite is one of the three elements of karate (karate training includes kihon - technique improvement, kata fight with imaginary opponents, and kumite fight with a real opponent. This is a fight in which basic techniques executed with "empty hands" (an unarmed hand) acquire a real meaning in confrontation with a real opponent. Correctness and thoroughness of techniques" execution are the basis of kumite. The ultimate aim of karate is control of oneself and of one's emotions, it becomes clear why in free category, kumite is the last stage of training in this form of karate. Strength and efficiency become worthless if they do not serve a higher aim.

SVISSS School is a co-education day cum boarding school for students from grades 1st to 11th that full-time figure Skating program. Best coaching and training are provide in preparing the students for high degree of achievements. From the district level to highest state level students had participated and won medals.

Swimming is one of the most memorable experiences of childhood-a celebration, a right of passage, a gift of freedom, a burst of self-esteem! In our school there is a special place for like-minded, patient parents seeking to nurture the “whole child”. A strong foundation in swimming as well as personal growth is built here. Our school has dedicated to address the needs of the child unlike through domination or force. Teaching through joy, kindness, understanding and patience is emphasized here. Learning swimming in the pool fosters authentic water comfort and skill. The journey here is considered as important as the destination.

Beneficial Opportunities:
• Stroke correction
• Guided Swimming
• Competition at different levels of ability
• Practice and training in swimming
• Training in lifesaving techniques; and
• Special instruction for students with disabilities.

Yoga is professionally taught to the children to attain balanced mind and body to win challenges ahead. The students are also prepared for the yoga contests that were organized in school and outside school premises. Our students have participated and won medals in district level tournaments.