Karate , translates to " empty hand "and implies weaponless self - defence .It develops the mind and strengthens the body and teaches us to concentrate on spiritual values instead of monetary pleasure or material possession.

The essence of karate are katas (forms). They consist of a series of coordinated harmonious movements which are made in a fixed order and according to a specified rhythm. Each kata has its own characteristic features. They should be stressed by an individual who trains karate.

Kumite is one of the three elements of karate (karate training includes kihon - technique improvement, kata fight with imaginary opponents, and kumite fight with a real opponent. This is a fight in which basic techniques executed with "empty hands" (an unarmed hand) acquire a real meaning in confrontation with a real opponent. Correctness and thoroughness of techniques" execution are the basis of kumite. The ultimate aim of karate is control of oneself and of one's emotions, it becomes clear why in free category, kumite is the last stage of training in this form of karate. Strength and efficiency become worthless if they do not serve a higher aim.