A home away from home is the ultimate motto of the SVIS hostels. Separate hostels are provided for our boys and girls. The hostels have well- furnished rooms with essential modern facilities like TV, PCs, telephone, as well as games like table tennis, out- door activities like volley ball, basket ball, swimming and horse riding. The hostels have a well managed hygienic mess, where nutritional needs and taste of students are taken care of.

They are always treated with kindness and love but firmly in matters relating to behaviour and discipline. There is adequate time for work and play and entertainment. If and when they require, there is also additional teaching available within the Hostel. Children are permitted to contact their parents on a preset and regular schedule. Parents are permitted to meet their children on pre-announced days and by request at certain times. Children are accommodated in rooms according to their age and class. All the rooms are well-ventilated, spacious, well organized with adequate furniture and other amenities. Each student has an independent unit consisting of a bed, wardrobe, study table, chair & shoe rack. Each room has a box room and sufficient toilets and bathrooms. Hot water is provided. The rooms are protected from mosquitoes with mesh on all the windows. The school also has excellent programs for physical fitness and other sports such as track and field and Basketball. Teachers of different subjects are available to offer additional academic guidance after school hours within the Hostel premises.