Air- conditioned class rooms with top-notch facilities including smart boards and ample space for engaging in activities enable the students to reach their creative potential. The classrooms are spacious and are designed to get lot of natural light and air. The soft boards in the classrooms facilitate display of students’ work, thereby encouraging creativity and the zeal to learn.

Each class has a Computer, Smart Board, Green Board, Soft Boards, Class Library and comfortable furniture. Sri Venkateswara International School is keeping pace with the latest technological advances. It has successfully incorporated technology in the classrooms as a learning tool for studies and as a teaching tool for teachers. Technological advances have been widely used in effective teaching and mentoring. Students are quick to grasp the joys of new technology.

Smart board also referred to as white board helps the student to learn in an interactive manner. It is used extensively as a teaching aid to enhance the lesson plans in class rooms. Interactive lessons in Math, Science, Spelling and other subjects are put on screen for students to participate in. It is a very effective means to deliver a lesson and the assignments that reinforce the concepts. The students enjoy their lessons and ultimately it has been intergrated in the teaching modules. Teachers use it innovatively to enhance teaching and learning. It also facilitates assessment in primary section. It has also increased attentiveness.