“ Education is a natural process
Spontaneously carried out by the individual
And is acquired not by listening to words
But by experiences upon the environment.”
Dr.Maria Montessori

Our System of education at Sri Venkateshwara International is based on the philosophy of child development and knowledge. We believe in initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child-physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Through these developmental needs, the child develops intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities. The Montessori method of education at Sri Venkateshwara International Otthakutthirai is designed to take full advantage of the children’s desire to learn and their unique ability to develop their own capabilities. Children are exposed to the possibilities of their lives, but determines their response to all the possibilities.

The main objectives of Montessori education at Sri Venkateshwara International Otthakutthirai are:
• Children are respected as different from adults and as individuals with unique capabilities.
• Children possess an unusual sensitivity and intellectual ability to absorb and learn from their environment so they are inspired and encouraged to     learn at their own learning ability.
• The most important years of children’s growth are the first six years of life when unconscious learning is gradually brought to the conscious level so     learning is made fun and an acquired skill at SVI Montessori.
• Activities for children are based on the development of their individual mental, physical and psychological powers.

SVI Montessori Education ensures that the child’s is introduced to independent learning and exploration and progresses in all learning areas, demonstrates the use of materials.

The teacher to student ratio of SVI Montessori school is in ratio of 1:15 the teacher acts as the facilitator and clinically observes and records the child’s progress and upholds the Montessori environment. The Montessori environment at SVI is designed to inspire children to learn by themselves.

As Maria Montessori says “The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.” We at SVI strive towards developing the concentration power of the child through various activities that stimulate the brain. Our aim is to make the child comprehend, and, to kindle his imagination and make his learning joyful and memorable. Systematic teaching methodology ensures in assisting the psychological development of the child.

Grant your child a wonderful learning experience…