We at SRI VENKATESWARA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL train our students to excel in their talents as well as embrace spirituality which helps in raising the individual to a higher level of awareness, understanding, and kinship with all living things.A conducive and encouraging environment empowers our students to acquire the required knowledge and analytical expertise for we systematize the situations, conditions, tasks materials, and opportunities by which our students acquire new or different ways of thinking, feeling, and doing.

The talents of the students are identified to disseminate knowledge and inculcate futuristic international education to our future citizens to serve our nation and the universe. Holistic education with an optional synthesis of ethical education to meet the crucial needs of the society is the forte of SVIS. We gladly welcome the future of India to join hands with us to surge towards a prosperous and successful life through interactive teaching and learning process. Sri Venkateswara International School offers Montessori Method of teaching for Preschool, Indian (CBSE) for grades 1-10. The school has partnered with "Educomp" to bring in world class technology enabled educational infrastructure and learning environment to support the curriculum delivery. Sri Venkateswara intends to inculcate practical learning approach in a child friendly environment to make education more meaningful.

Sri Venkateswara International School is unique when compared to any other schools around the city. It stands out with the determination to think up and implement new ideas, developing Genuine Life Skills and nurturing the overall personality development of the student, living out It's Vision by encouraging student to participate in various community activities and take up relevant environmental issues.

Sri Venkateswara International School provides an encouraging and motivating environment in which children achieve their fullest intellectual,emotional,moral,social, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth.

Sri Venkateswara International School believes that success breeds success, so teaching is structured to guarantee success for every pupil. According to us, accomplishing this requires consistency, continuity, and enthusiasm from kindergarten through high school. The curriculum and teaching methodology of SVIS focuses on the individual needs of the children.

We are committed to equipping all children as enthusiastic learners; team activity sessions aim to make the learning experience a shared one. We focus our attention on each individual and work through shared under-standings and a common ethos of support.

Lessons are a dynamic process engaging children in an environment and activities which appeal to all learning styles; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. We are equipped with the latest technologies and use these to enhance children's learning and enjoyment of the learning experience. Students are empowered with self worth ,self respect and integrity .We respect and praise each individual success, academic or otherwise and our successes as a school community. We have a shared sense of respect and personal values as a school community and support each other and respond to the needs of others.

Sri Venkateswara International School provides children with a truly holistic education while ensuring they have a joyful childhood. Our campus provides a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural surroundings that are ideal for learning and exploration.

Dedicated and talented faculty challenge, inspire and nurture, a carefully planned curriculum and customized extra-curricular activities helps a child's all round development.The continuous professional development for all staff ensures that the teaching remains fresh and relevant to the CBSE curriculam.

Sri Venkateswara International School believes that intelligence and experience determine the extent to which pupils can learn. Therefore, she focuses on effective teaching in which teachers have as much knowledge as possible of each pupil's academic, social, cultural, religious, physical, and emotional background. We build this on strong, supportive relationships afforded by small classes and a safe environment, by which we advance each student's personal and academic growth.

Our vision is our mission to educate students for success in secondary education and beyond, and to foster kindness, respect, and integrity within a safe and nurturing environment.